Mother (& Mother In Law!)

Mother Troubles, Carole Milan Danis, MSW, LICSWIf you’re feeling hopeless about your relationship with your mother or about her ever being different, you’re not alone!  Many of my clients felt the same way you do and in desperation, tried to change their mothers and get them to admit they were wrong.

I believe you’ll find, as they did, that this is futile and frustrating, but as we work together, significant changes take place in the relationship you share with your Mother.  The key is focusing on your own life – to understand yourself, learn to set boundaries, gain self-esteem and discover that to be seen, and heard, you must take risks and emerge.

But Why Do I Have to
Deal With My Mother Issues?

Of course, you always have a choice, but if you want a better relationship and want your other relationships to run smoothly, you will need to resolve these issues.

The mother-daughter relationship is the most influential relationship of your life. It is a relationship like no other and impacts the way you relate to others throughout your life.

It’s not unusual to feel frustrated, helpless or even angry when you’re feeling judged or discounted in a relationship.Mother In Law Troubles, Carole Milan Danis, MSW, LICSW

It’s also quite normal for anyone, including daughters, to have unfinished issues with their parents at any age, given these are your first relationships and are such an important part of your development.

Resolving these issues can ease the pain of the past and set the stage for a new relationship.

When you have moved beyond the past, you can get clearer about what you want for yourself as well as learn how to take charge of your life.

You no longer will feel powerless.   You will be able to trust yourself in your decisions, disagree gracefully with your mother and still be OK.  You will no longer feel trapped by your resentment, guilt, depression or anxiety.  You will be free to be You.

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